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Washing Machines


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1 Washing Machine
2 Owners Handbook
3 Hot and Cold High Pressure Hoses
4 Plastic Hole Plugs
5 Water Inlet Cap
6 Rubber Washers
7 Mesh Filters
8 Hose Crook
To protect your new washing machine during transit, several internal components have been secured using
transit screws; these must be removed before using the machine.
NEVER remove the top or back panel whilst the machine is plugged into the electricity supply.
PLEASE NOTE: The transit packaging must be removed before the machine is connected to the power supply.
Removal of the transit packaging
1 Remove all outer packaging from the machine (Fig 1).
2 Remove packaging base (Fig 1).
3 Remove the four screws using a 10mm spanner (A-B-C-D) (Fig 2).
4 Insert a screwdriver in the holes that have been freed up and wobble the
screwdriver to loosen the spacers (Fig 3) so they can be easily removed.
Store the screws and spacers safely in case worldwide private jet charter the appliance needs to be moved
at a later date. If left in the appliance the spacers could cause damage.
5 Fill in the four holes with the four plastic hole plugs you can find in the
user instructions bag (item 4).
Replacing the Spacers
Should you need to move the appliance to another location, the
following steps should be taken before transportation.
1 Disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply.
2 Remove the four plastic hole plugs.
3 Insert spacers (Fig 3).
4 Insert the four screws and washers A-B-C-D and re-tighten (Fig 2).

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washing machine handbook

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