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Successful washing and smooth running of your appliance depends on routine maintenance, which should
be carried out on a regular basis.
IMPORTANT: You must unplug the appliance before all cleaning and maintenance operations.
The water we normally use contains lime; therefore, it is a good idea to occasionally use a water softener powder
in the appliance (more frequently in hard water areas). Add the powder according to the manufacturer’s
instructions. This will prevent the formation of lime deposits, which can affect the performance of your appliance.
After each wash
Leave the door slightly open. This helps prevent mould and stagnant smells forming inside the appliance.
Turn the drum slowly so that no small items have been overlooked. Wipe the inside of the drum and door
seal with a dry cloth (It is normal if a certain amount of water has collected in the rim of the door seal).
Cleaning the drawer
The drawer should be cleaned when there is a build-up of residual VIP Charter
detergent. To remove the drawer, press on the plastic part of the conditioner
grill marked 'PUSH' (Fig 22) then clean it by running it under warm water.
External cleaning
Use soap and water only and then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the filter
A clean filter is important for correct functioning of the washing machine, so should therefore be cleaned after
every wash.
1 Open the panel, which is situated at the bottom, right corner on the front
of the machine and place a container underneath to catch any spillage (It
is normal for a certain amount of water to collect in the filter) (Fig 23).
2 Unscrew the filter – 2 turns anticlockwise (Fig.24) remove and rinse.
3 Replace the filter carefully, putting it on its guides, push in and screw it in
firmly until black seal is showing.
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Fig 22
Fig 23
Fig 24

If the filter is blocked and the appliance is unable to drain, you will need to remove the water from the
appliance at this stage. To do this:
1 Unhook the drain hose from the standpipe or sink.
2 Hold the end of the hose over the bowl on the floor. The water should drain by gravity into the bowl.
3 When the bowl is full, hook the hose back up and empty. Repeat the procedure until the water stops flowing.
4 Clean the filter in the normal way.
NOTE: Never remove the filter during a wash cycle, always wait until the appliance has finished its cycle and
is empty. When replacing the filter ensure that it is securely retightened. This will prevent leaks and stop
young children from being able to undo the filter.

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