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Washing Machines


1 Please read the installation and connection instructions before attempting to install this appliance.
2 Ensure you have followed the 'Unpacking Instructions’ section carefully.
3 You should run an initial wash cycle without laundry to remove residues of factory-applied grease from
the drum and tub. We suggest a rinse and spin programme with a small amount of detergent.
4 It is important that when you have selected a rinse and spin programme, you attend the machine
throughout the cycle, which will also ensure that all installation connections have been correctly made.
5 It is also recommended after seven days use, that the connections to the outlet hoses are checked at the
taps and the appliance.
6 You may find some water deposits in the tub; this is the residue from the thorough testing, which your
appliance was subjected to in the factory.
7 Before using your appliance for the first time, please make sure that the mains voltage and supply
indicated on the rating plate (situated inside the filter door on the front bottom right hand corner of the
appliance) agree with the mains voltage where the machine is to be used.
8 Before cleaning or care and maintenance work, make sure that the appliance is switched off. For safety
reasons we strongly advise that you pull the mains plug out of the socket, switch off at the power point
or completely remove the fuse box servicing the circuit (see Electrical Information).
9 Never direct water onto the outer casing of the appliance.
10 Never use the supply lead to pull the mains plug out of the socket. Pull the plug.
11 Never operate the machine if the appliance shows visible signs of damage to the control panel, worktop
or bottom plinth.
12 We advise that for your safety and the continued trouble free operation of your appliance, all repairs andCo-op Electricalshop
maintenance should be carried out by an approved UK engineer using only genuine parts.
13 Children may not realise the dangers of improper use of electrical appliances. Therefore, please ensure
that children are kept away at all times.
14 During certain programmes, the glass on the porthole door could become very hot, please ensure
therefore that children are kept away at all times.
15 When it is finally time to replace your washing machine, please make sure that you de-activate the door
lock and cut the electrical supply lead, (after disconnecting) and dispose of the lead and plug safely.
16 If you operate this appliance incorrectly or use it for any purpose other than that for which it is intended,
we cannot accept liability for any possible damage caused.
17 When cleaning the stainless steel drum, never use any iron-containing scouring agents or steel wool.
18 If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent.
19 The appliance must be positioned so that its plug is easily accessible. It is also important that your
appliance has adequate ventilation and that air flow underneath the appliance is not impeded.
WARNING! Socket outlets are not permitted in bathrooms, neither should any provision be made for
connecting moveable electrical appliances. No stationary appliance is to be installed within reach of a person

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